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Welcome to Imperial Care

About Us

Imperial Care Dry Cleaners is the Home for you clothes that need to be handled with tender and care. At Imperial Care Dry Cleaners you would experience a one of a kind service. With the use of the best care products and well trained staff you can now relax while your garments get that extra comfort they need by these specialists. Imperial Care Dry Cleaners maintains a high standard when it comes to their cleaning service. Imperial Care Dry Cleaners uses Eco friendly chemicals for all their cleaning activities making the product their priority. There would be no damages and you are sure to be satisfied if you leave it all to Imperial Care Dry Cleaners.

Services We Offer

Dry Cleaning

At Imperial Dry Cleaning is one of the most catered to service. As the name suggests these delicate garments are cleaned dry without the use of water that damages and fades color. The cleaning products used are specialised for this purpose and it helps remove any type of stain to make you clothes as new as it could be.

Shirt Laundering

Is ironing your shirts something you dread the most. Fear no more, at Imperial Care we will make your shirts look perfectly clean and crease free with no hassle. We understand that Shirts are what makes you men look smart and fresh. Once you’ve laundered at Imperial care your shirts will always be ready to wear.


Are your special clothes giving you a hard time. With the state of art equipments at Imperial Care we can launder any type of garment without any damages to the material or its look.

Repair and Alterations

We undertake and expert alterations or repairs to your garments. With hands on experience our staff at Imperial Care will do their best and put your mind at rest.

Suede, Leather and Fur

Suede, Leather and Fur and 3 of the most sensitive textures to clean. With each type being unique from the other at Imperial Care we take extra precaution in understanding the texture type first. Once suede, leather and fur products are cleaned we cannot expect it would look as good as it was initially purchased but it will look brighter and sparkle bringing out the new look. However, these products are handled at the risk of the customer.


It is curtains that adds the color to your home. However, they need proper care since it is exposed to a lot of things that damages it. It needs regular cleaning at home apart from which a professional cleanup can be done at Imperial. Dust and stains will finally be removed so your home will look colorful once again.

Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress is a memory of a lifetime. Imagine the agony of finding out it being damaged our discolored. At Imperial Care with special attention to the importance of the product. We make sure we present to you the dresses as glamorous as it looked yet a cleaner one.

Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and Carpets are centerpieces of your home. However, they are frequently exposed to dust and dirt. Stains can be your worst nightmare if kids are around. Bring them down to Imperial care. With the professional cleaning service specifically for rugs and carpets, magic would happen.

Press Only Service

For those garments that are not in need of a dry clean, our modern pressing equipment can help keep your clothes looking sharp with a gentle press and steam. Instead of placing your clean item through the entire dry cleaning process, press only can give you the look you desire for at Imperial Care.

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Shiva Cleaning Limited
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